About Salobreña Casas

Salobreña Casas serves as a unique collection of homes, each owned by different individuals who offer them for rent when they’re not using them themselves. Allowing owners to share their personal spaces with others while they are away. Each home has its own character and story, reflecting the lifestyle and tastes of its owner.

This concept not only provides travelers with a more personal and homely experience but also enables homeowners to make the most of their properties when they’re not in use.

These homes are real family abodes, each with its own unique personality and charm. Unlike standard hotel accommodations, these properties may not feature typical hotel amenities or impersonal designs like steel doors and herringbone floors. Instead, you’ll find a warm, inviting atmosphere filled with personal touches that reflect the genuine living experience of families. Embrace the uniqueness of staying in a home that’s been lovingly furnished and cared for, offering a truly authentic and personal stay.

Renting a holiday home directly from the owners when they are away in Salobreña lets you live like a local, uncovering the town’s hidden gems and experiencing its authentic charm.

Salobreña Casas connects travelers with unique, home-like accommodations, providing an authentic living experience